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All in good time.

Hello Burford Mousery Family!

We've decided that it was time to start up a blog to start putting all our mouse knowledge collectively together as a guide to help you with your wonderful pet mice, welcome to Mouse Musings!

This is a little bit of a tester post to see how things go, ands we would be super pumped for everyones input. What would you like to see? Some things about mice that you would like to get straight from the breeders mouth?

We will probably work on a little entry about how Burford Mousery all started as well as cover topics of housing, nutrition etc. If theres something youve been tryingto work out for a while, you know we are always more than happy to help you out/write a piece about it!

I think that's about it for now but dont hesitate to drop us an email via the contact us page, Facebook or Instagram!


Steve the Hereford on his way to battle.

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