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Burford Mousery, Clyde’s giant leap for mousekind.

Burford Mousery has been around since the middle of 2017, the brainchild of mine that stemmed from the lack of pet mice in my life after a break of 2 years since owning mice (that was accompanied by an accidental litter due to a pet shop mishap in sexing). Owning mice has always come naturally to myself and due to a veterinary background felt I was able to approach breeding with a compassionate and health focused mind.

During the first few months, as many newbies will know, the road is bumpy and many snags will make your journey difficult. Perseverance, research and the support of a fellow breeder helped me to overcome these issues and has allowed the Mousery to thrive over time, however, even now the road can throw the occasional bump to keep you on your toes!

Now I assume you’re wandering from the title, who is Clyde? Well... Clyde was a pivotal point for me. On the 13th of October 2017, the first Burford Mousery mice were born and in that litter was the first mouse I ever sold. Was it as simple as I thought it would be? No. Was the customer a pain at times? Yes. But from travelling over 100 miles to bring this tiny little buck to his new owner, I gained experience and a new friend. That’s the wonderful thing about the Mousery, you make friends with the most unexpected people and they honestly help you to grow as a person more than you realise.

As time progressed, I learnt about the National Mouse Club, a club that has been going strong for 125 years as of 2020. After seeing the difference between show and pet mice I realised that my current mice wouldn’t even be worthy to go on the show bench. With this in mind, I sourced bigger, better and stronger mice from show breeders and so my new venture began. As of September 2018 I joined the NMC and entered my first show in Peterborough the following month and I came home with 4 certificates, boosting my confidence in the show fancy.

A year later, multiple ribbons hanging in the mouse shed and a photo album packed with certificates and I know that there is still so much more to the Mousery story yet to be written!

And for those of you wondering, yes Clyde is still going strong to date and we hope he will be around for a while yet.

This is the infamous little Clyde himself, he may be nothing special to you, but means the world to me.


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