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Pink Eyed White, Cream and Stone: Spot the colour difference.

It’s a white mouse, right? Not quite. The difference in colours between these three varieties may be subtle to the untrained eye, but to a breeder, is as clear as day. Let’s break down the colours:

Pink eyed White (PEW) – These mice can be characterised by a pure white coat, accompanied by pink ears, nose, legs and tail. As the name suggests, the eye colour for this variety is a pink colour that is very striking in comparison to their coat colour. Pink eyed white mice are often thought as “lab mice” as this is the variety commonly used for animal testing, these mice however are just as friendly as dark eyed varieties. However, pink eyed mice may have a head “wobble” due to poorer eyesight and this is simply a technique to perceive depth more accurately.

Cream – Sometimes referred to by American fanciers as “black eyed white”, cream is indeed essentially a pure white mouse to the untrained eye. However, cream mice are essentially a very pale cream colour and can almost seem like an “off-white”, again they also have pink ears, nose, legs and tail. Cream mice also have black eyes which is the biggest giveaway in comparison to their PEW cousins.

Stone – Genetically a byproduct of cream to cream pairings, a beige type colour that can come in both standard and satin versions. This variety has black eyes and can have a self, fox or tan stomach, the ear fur has a similar body colour and often pink skin can been seen under thin fur on the ears, tails are pink in colour for this variety.

From left to right - Stone, Cream and Pink Eyed White

There are many other varieties of mice around, but these three can be pretty similar to the untrained eye and as we breed these varieties at Burford Mousery, this post will hopefully have helped you out!


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