Terms and Conditions 

Here at Burford Mousery we pride ourselves in the animals we have produced.  This being said, we have a few terms and conditions when adopting animals from us.

  • A non-refundable deposit is required to reserve any animals you wish to adopt from us. This deposit is 15% of the total price (Including delivery charges where delivery is required).

  • If issues arise within 48 hours of adoption (including proof) we will replace the animal for you, though this may take time to breed a suitable replacement (colour). 

  • We breed specifically for health and temperament, however, with new situations, animals may bite. Any injury caused by animals adopted is the adopter's responsibility. 

  • Mice and rodents as a whole have the capability of carrying disease. However the mice at Burford Mousery have been kept in a closed environment where wild populations have not come into contact with our mice. However, please read this leaflet in the link below with the government guidelines for handling rodents to prevent human infection.

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