My Varieties of Fancy Mice

Fancy mice come in a wide range of varieties and coat types. Below are the current varieties I am working on at Burford Mousery, and what I sometimes have spare for pet homes.


Hereford are a beautiful variety and the first variety I started breeding seriously for exhibition. They have a distinctive white face mask and specific criteria for white on their bellies, tails and feet. They are quite difficult to breed to standard but I take a lot of pride in showing the ones I get close!


Similar to hereford in that they are shown in the marked section as well, tricolour are another gorgeous variety that can be tricky to get right. I breed and show a lot of these.


These are not often shown in the NMC and are very difficult to get right, but longhairs have beautifully long, silky coats. Unfortunately as they get older these coats seem to shorten, but I am working avidly to breed mice that keep them as long as possible. I breed these in pink eyed white only. Longhair is sometimes known as 'Angora' in the USA.

Pink Eyed White / Ivory

The ever classic, pink eyed white are something else when held against the average 'pet' mouse. Bred for size and type, they are beautiful mice. I breed these in standard coats and also satin coats - otherwise known as Ivory.

Cream / Cream Satin

As lovely as the pink eyed white, cream is essentially the black eyed version, with a slightly different shade. These are sometimes known as 'Bone' in the USA. I breed these in standard coat and also satin.


Texel are definitely my firm favourites. They have thick, long curly coats. They are currently unstandardised in the NMC but this is something I am actively working to try and get standardised. I breed my texels in pink eyed white, cream and stone. Texels, like longhairs, eventually relax their coat and end up looking just a little bit shaggy. This is something I am actively working to improve each generation.

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